Reach a new market with substantial purchasing power
and earn your fair share.

To fit the needs of Enterprise customers, we’re providing enhanced indemnification, unlimited distribution and special user features. Our dynamic pricing model is designed to accommodate enhanced licenses and protect contributor payouts.

Being an Enterprise Contributor

As any stock contributor knows, TV and advertising markets represent a large customer base with substantial purchasing power. The Enterprise platform meets the needs of these markets with a specialized licensing option—one that includes enhanced indemnification and unlimited distribution. Contributors that opt-in will gain access to these high-value customers, who typically purchase far more content compared to typical users.

Content pricing for Enterprise will be flexible and vary based on each customer’s specific needs. However, we are setting a price floor so that you will never take home less on an asset’s sale to an Enterprise customer than you would earn from that asset’s sale in the Marketplace. You will earn 50% commission on Enterprise sales—just like Marketplace sales—and there will be no upward limit on pricing.

Please take a moment to review the Contributor Agreement. By opting in to Enterprise you are agreeing to the terms of the current Contributor Agreement and to the pricing and commission terms stated above. If you opt-in to Enterprise and later decide you no longer wish to participate, you may contact our support team to remove your content from the Enterprise platform. This is a way to sell your content to a new audience, while continuing to work with our current customers through the Storyblocks Marketplace. We are excited to reach this market and we hope you’ll join us.