Welcome to Storyblocks!

Join over 45,000 artists who license their creative work through the Storyblocks Marketplace. It's an easy, fun way to earn extra cash for your videos, After Effects templates, photos, and illustrations. We want you to have a seamless, enjoyable experience contributing your content to our Marketplace. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact our contributor support team at contributor@storyblocks.com. Happy selling!

Getting started

On Storyblocks and Videoblocks, our Marketplace has substantially more content than our Member Library, and continues to grow with each upload. The Marketplace is intended to offer more diversity, breadth, and volume than the Member Library. If a customer can't find what they are looking for in the Member Library, chances are they will find it in the Marketplace.
Storyblocks.com and Videoblocks.com are subscription-based services. With a subscription, customers have access to a selection of content provided by us in the "Member Library", as well as a pay-per-download Marketplace — this is where your content comes in. Customers can purchase content directly from the Marketplace. Our unique model keeps prices affordable for customers, while ensuring that contributors earn more on each sale.
Nope! It is free to sign up, submit content, and earn.

Start by visiting the main sign up page. If you would like to contribute footage, motion backgrounds or templates, select "Videos" as the content type you are interested in uploading. You will be able to start adding content as soon as your account is created.

If you would like to contribute photos, vectors or illustrations, select "Images" as the content type you are interested in uploading. You will be directed to an application you will need to complete. If your account is approved to contribute images, our team will reach out to notify you and enable you to upload photos, vectors and illustrations.

If you would like to contribute both video content and image content, select "Videos + Images" as the content type you are interested in uploading. You will be able to start adding video content as soon as your account is created and you will be directed to the application for contributing images. If your account is approved to contribute images, our team will reach out to notify you and enable you to upload photos, vectors and illustrations.

You may apply to contribute images to Storyblocks through this link. If your account is approved for uploading, our team will reach out to notify you and enable you to upload photos, vectors and illustrations.

Please be patient with us as we review your application! Applicants’ portfolios are reviewed individually and this may take some time. It could be as little as a couple weeks or it could be several months. Since this is a new Marketplace, we do not want our content review process to be overwhelmed by a large volume of submissions and for review times to be unacceptably long. This is why we are accepting new image contributors slowly and will accelerate as we have greater capacity.

Footage, motion backgrounds, and templates will be sold on Videoblocks. Photos, vectors and illustrations will be sold on Storyblocks.

No. To maximize your earning potential, we allow both members and guests (or nonmembers) to purchase from the Marketplace.

On Videoblocks, guests may purchase assets at the listed price while members receive a 10% discount on purchases.

On Storyblocks images, guests pay a temporary membership fee with each asset purchased while members may purchase images at the member price.

In addition to selling your content through our Marketplace, you have the option to increase your earning potential by participating in additional sales channels.

Enterprise brings an expanded market of potential customers to you. TV and advertising markets represent a large customer base with substantial purchasing power. The Enterprise platform meets the needs of these markets with a specialized licensing option — one that includes enhanced indemnification and unlimited distribution. The Enterprise offering allows us to reach a new audience beyond our core subscribers.

Third Party Platforms refer to a wide variety of web-based content creation platforms that we partner with. More and more customers want fast, flexible access to quality stock media content, where their work is unfolding. We meet that demand by bringing our Marketplace to their fingertips and integrating our content via API into platforms that provide services like presentation building, video editing and website creation. Their user bases are extensive and millions of new buyers will be able to purchase your content without having to leave their workflow.

The pricing and commission for each sales channels can be seen here.

All new contributor accounts created default to ‘Active’ for all sales channels. If you joined us after January 22, 2018, you are already opted-in! You have the option to decide whether you would like to participate in additional sales channels. If you do not wish to participate in Enterprise or Third Party Platform sales, you may contact contributor support to remove your content from those channels.

If you joined us before January 23, 2018, visit your Account tab in the contributor portal. You will see a My Channels section and a toggle button for each channel. Select ‘Opt In!' for each channel you would like to participate in. The channels you are already opted-in to will read ‘Active’. All of your content will automatically be made available for sale through the active channels.

No. Content submitted to the Marketplace will only be made available for sale in the Marketplace.
We reach out to the contributor community on an as-needed basis to license existing content. Our team makes decisions about the content we acquire based on internal data and customer insights. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us!
The amount of sales you make depends on a lot of factors, including the relevance and quality of your keywords, the quality of your content, and whether your content meets customers' needs. The bottom line is, the better you manage and curate your content, the more success you're likely to have. See our submission requirements for more tips.

Questions about payments

Payments are issued on the 15th of each month, for revenue that we collect on your sales during the previous month. For example, on the 15th of May you'll be paid for revenue collected on your sales from April. You can hold your payments indefinitely to help reduce third-party fees if you'd like. A minimum balance of at least $25.00 is required to receive payment each month. Earnings under the threshold will accumulate and carry over to the next month's payment. We offer the following payout options:

  • Payoneer (Prepaid MasterCard card and Global Bank Transfer)
  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • eCheck

The pricing and commission for all content types and sales channels can be found here.

We share 50% of the revenue from each sale with you.

Third parties we work with to help process your payments do charge small fees.

Our payout manager, Tipalti, charges transaction fees. The fees for each payout option are as follows:

  • Payoneer - 1% of the payout
  • PayPal - $1.00 per payout
  • Direct Deposit - $1.00 per payout
  • Wire Transfer (United States) - $15.00 per payout
  • Wire Transfer (International in USD) - $25.00 per payout
  • Wire Transfer (International in local currency) - $20.00 per payout
  • Check - $6.00 per payout
  • eCheck - $5.00 per payout

We may also legally be required to withhold earnings for tax purposes. See our Tax Center for a detailed explanation of how taxes work.

See our Tax Center for a detailed explanation of how taxes work.
All tax forms must be approved by our team in order for you to be paid. You can submit your tax form at any time but we encourage you to do it early. Due to volume, our team reviews tax forms after your first sale between the 1st and 10th of each month. Once your form is reviewed for accuracy, you'll be approved for payouts on your next sales cycle. For example, if your first sale is June 7th, our finance team will review your tax forms between July 1st and 10th in order to pay you on July 15th.

Questions about content

We accept commercial quality photographs, illustrations and vectors.

We accept commercial quality HD and 4K footage, animations (including motion graphics, backgrounds, alpha channel effects, transitions, and lower thirds), and After Effects and Apple Motion templates.

Please see our submission requirements for detailed specs and guidelines.

See our submission requirements for a comprehensive guide to creating and submitting content.

You can upload your content using our web uploader (100 file limit) or an FTP server that we provide. To request FTP credentials, select the Upload Media button on your content page. On the pop-up, scroll down to "View FTP Settings."

To keep your account secure, we randomly assign temporary FTP login information that is different than your normal login. These FTP credentials will be permanently retired 48 hours after they are last used. This allows uploads to process quickly and more securely. You can request new FTP credentials through the same popup to upload additional content later. Please note that releases must be uploaded directly to the portal. They cannot be uploaded with content to FTP.

Each file submitted to our Marketplace is reviewed to maintain quality and value for customers. To ensure the best chance of your content being accepted, please read our submission requirements.

All submitted content, including the files themselves, metadata, and release forms, are reviewed. If any component of a submission does not meet our standards, the file will not be accepted.

We have a full time team dedicated to reviewing content. We do our best to make sure that content is reviewed fairly, accurately, and in a timely manner. Please note that actual review time may vary based on factors such as the volume of submissions.

Metadata (an all-encompassing term for titles, keywords, and other data stored with a file) can be applied to files in three ways:

  1. You can edit metadata using our online platform (the Content tab).
  2. You can upload a CSV file to apply metadata. A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a common spreadsheet format (Click here to download a CSV template). We also accept CSVs formatted for Shutterstock or Pond5 - no editing needed!
  3. We can read metadata stored in your file's IPTC Core. We read the following fields: Headline (populates our Title field), Description, Title and Keywords. In order to populate the Title field which appears on the website, our system will read Headline first, followed by Description, and then Title in order to add the metadata.
At this time, all titles and keywords must be provided in English.

Yes. Any clip or image with a recognizable face(s) or location should have an appropriate release form. Content without releases may not be accepted. Below are several industry standard release forms you can download:

We do accept content as editorial so long as the action or event depicted is a newsworthy item or provides commentary on subjects of human interest. For more information about release forms and why they're important, see our submission requirements.

Your uploaded source file is made available for customers to purchase. For 4K footage, we also provide a high quality HD MOV option for purchase. For all content, we offer a watermarked, HD comp file for users to download. For all vectors we require an accompanying JPEG to be uploaded as an option to download.

You may read the current Contributor License Agreement here. By using our platform, you are agreeing to the terms of the current agreement.

The highlights are:

  1. You maintain the copyright to your content. You are giving Storyblocks and Videoblocks licensing rights.
  2. All content licensed through Storyblocks and Videoblocks is non-exclusive, so you can keep your relationships with other agencies.
  3. You can upload or remove content at any time, no strings attached.

Click here to read the Customer License Agreement for Storyblocks and Videoblocks.

Members are granted a perpetual, worldwide license to use your content. Members cannot use the content on a stand-alone basis or for purposes that are defamatory, pornographic or otherwise illegal.