The demand for stock media content continues to grow as the landscape of buyers is evolving. More and more customers want fast, flexible access to quality stock media content, where their work is unfolding. We plan to meet that demand by bringing our Marketplace to their fingertips and giving you another way to sell your content — our Third Party Platform channel.

We integrate with platforms via API that provide services like presentation building, video editing and website creation to introduce your content to their extensive user bases. Millions of new buyers will be able to purchase your work without having to leave their workflow, exponentially increasing your earning potential.

As always, you are in control of your content. We are asking you to opt-in to take advantage of this new sales channel. If at any point you change your mind, you may contact support to opt-out. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new way to earn. For details, check out the FAQs below.

What You Need to Know

Third Party Platforms refer to a wide variety of web-based content creation and editing services. The software platforms allow their end users to create presentations, design websites, edit videos and more.
No. We will be integrating with platforms that provide a creative service to their end users. We will not be redistributing content through other stock media sellers.
These buyers are not the same audience as our core Marketplace customers and we have no intention of taking away from the success of our core Marketplace. This is a new market of content creators and buyers that we are entering. For these creators, purchasing stock media quickly, flexibly and within their workflow is essential.

Through these platforms, we will be offering two license options — our standard Consumer license that we offer to our members and a Single Use license. The Consumer license is our standard Royalty Free option that allows the buyer worldwide use in perpetuity to the asset they purchase.

The Single Use license allows the buyer a one time use of the asset within a single project they create through the platform. This license will only be offered on platforms where content is embedded into the final product, rather than downloaded by the end user. If a buyer wishes to use that asset again, they must purchase another license.

Yes. The Single Use license will be offered at a lower price point since the buyer only has access to use the asset one time.
You can find the pricing minimums for all content types and license options here. Our goal is always to offer competitive price points to buyers while ensuring the majority of revenue we collect goes back to the artist. A share of each sale will go to the platform host (this will vary for each integration). You earn 50% of the revenue we collect from Third Party Platform sales.
The updated contributor agreement introduces this new sales channel. It states that you have the option to choose whether or not you sell your content through both the Third Party Platform and Enterprise sales channels. We’ve opted out all existing (as of January 23, 2018) contributors from Third Party Platform sales by default so you will need to opt in to participate.
The potential to reach millions of new buyers who weren’t previously purchasing from our site through each third party integration. By participating in this sales channel you are taking the opportunity to increase your sales exponentially.
You may opt-in by selecting the “Opt In” button on this page or by visiting the My Channels tab within your Account page.